They should

They should These are two times ny kingdoms, and even teachers in them different.

But at the same time the teachers teaching physics, mathematics, bio a logiya, to Ur and other subjects, are not limited to the professional area.

They should be an example for the child and show it a broad view on life, they should show tolerance, to be professionals in the area, and the main thing – to be able with to contain the studied subject natural or gumanitarny, with education of children.

Besides luggage of knowledge, it is necessary for them to understand that they live in the reality representing the uniform mechanism, edithe ny sphere in which everything is subordinated harmonious vzaimoto action.

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Conclusion The adult acquaints the kid with new games when learns to lull a doll, to build of cubes, to roll the machine for a string etc.

Watching the adult and repeating its movements, actions, words, the child acquires new skills, studies to tell, serve itself, becomes more independent.

Conclusion occupations with kids are based on imitation to the adult, to his movements, actions and words, instead of on explanation, conversation, suggestion.

In joint activity of the child and the adult it is necessary to combine game elements and training Children of early age are active, mobile and inquisitive.

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These people

These peopleIn a matrimony the more freely they feel, the spouse or the spouse becomes more devoted and closer to them.

These people believe that marriages consist in heavens.

Violet auraPreferenceThe violet era began in the midsixties, defining time of social changes and liftin and will last from to Preferring this color are unusual, extraordinary, aspire to freedom, independence and space.

These are the dynamic persons conducting us during the New Era.

Their life abounds with surprises and zigzags.

They develop the abilities and take the places of leaders on a planet.

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Have a look at efforts of the smallest to lift a ballfrom the earth and on a floor in conceived napravlines.

Have a look at wearisome exercises of the senior, ashe tries to learn to catch the right and left hand,to force to jump aside several times from the earth, from a wall,to line with a lapta, to hit the mark.

Who is farther than all, everythin who everythin who most.

Sorevnovascientific research institute, cognition by comparisons of the value, a victoryand defeats, improvement.

Unexpectedness of often comic character.

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Teachers Researches Bonnie Kreymond showed that children with DVGA and creatively exceptional children haveJohn Gray in the book A diet and exercises for Mars and Venus tells see Kiev, Sofia, Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONit is a lot of general.

Namely They are inclined to break discipline in a class, aspiring to draw to itself attention.

Teachers treat them worse, than to more obedient schoolmates.

They are inclined to search of niya sharp or unusual oshchushche.

Researchers believe that hunting behind feelings gives the chance to the creative person to gain new experience which it then integrates into of a breteniye and work.

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Together with

Together with I do not see in this specialty of isolation from the world.

On the contrary, I nakho in its center.

Together with all mankind I am engaged preobrazovaniy myself, reduction of in compliance with the nature which shows to us general, integrated relationship of all its parts.

And I form it together with the others.

We hold meetings, meetings, an exchange of experience – practically, the general stvo it lives.

And consequently the professional fatigue here is not present a place! Simply it is our life! And it proceeds, as is.

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For it the cat was not simply

For it the cat was not simply For it the cat was not simply physical body, but, first of all, spirit living in this body it and drew it.

The spiritual portrait instead of physical turned out.

To me has the luck to meet Lewis when I was only twenty one years old.

Under its mentoring I turned zabyvaniye process back.

I returned myself ability to see aura and learned to understand that I see.

If in the childhood of attempt to transfer to people the impressions brought me only disappointments as I did not own neither the corresponding dictionary, nor ability consistently to describe reality perceived by me, now I learned to use the corresponding terms for the description of ekstrasensorny feelings.

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